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Do Entrepreneurs Thrive on Chaos?

“If everything is under control, you are going too slow.”  ~ Mario Andretti, world champion race car driver. ___ I posted this quote on Twitter and Facebook last week and got a number of responses. I found this one by David Kasprzak (@flexpencil) particularly interesting: “And if nothing is under control, you are going tooContinue Reading

Seth Godin on Tribes: Part 3

On The Bigg Success Show, we’ve been talking with Seth Godin about his incredible new book, Tribes. So far we’ve discussed: Part I: what a tribe is, what the leader does, and why quality trumps quantity Part II: why Seth became a leader, the power of one, and the importance of leverage   Today weContinue Reading

Your Emotions and Your Money

We’ve all witnessed the ups and downs of the stock market. Recently, it seems there have been more “downs” than “ups.” There are a number of ways to respond. We’ve heard from many people that they’re afraid to open their quarterly statements. In another Bigg Success Show Expert Session, we talked with Joan Sotkin. JoanContinue Reading

Are You a Victim of Your Own Success?

You’ve made it! You’ve arrived! You’ve reached that next level of success! You’ve achieved your dream! ___ ___ But you’re swamped. Now, you have a seemingly endless list of things-to-do. And it all just keeps coming. Minute after minute, day after day, week after week. It’s sheer chaos. You find yourself busier than ever. You’reContinue Reading

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