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What the Car You Drive Says About You

It’s not what you make that really counts; it’s how much you keep. We base that on studies that show how millionaires became millionaires. Sure, they’re always trying to earn more, but they really watch what they spend. That’s one of their secrets to success in many cases. ___ ___ Only you know your termsContinue Reading

The Bigg Idea Behind Bigg Success

Last time, we introduced the five elements of bigg success – money, time, growth, work and play. Today, we want to talk about the bigg idea behind our definition of bigg success, life on your own terms. ___ ___ 1 + 1 = 3 We saw an opinion recently that “synergy” is an outdated word.Continue Reading

Dissing Plan B

Here’s a great quote by entertainer Steve Harvey … “Don’t live by old sayings that don’t apply to you. For instance – ‘Have a Plan B.’ Having a Plan B means you believe that Plan A might fail. Having a Plan B requires that you put time and energy into what you could’ve been doingContinue Reading

3 Questions for a Brighter Future

You and you alone create your future. You are the only person, place or thing with that power. With that being the case, it's up to you to create the future of your dreams. One way to do that is to look back so you can look forward. Reflecting upon the past and pulling lessonsContinue Reading

Think Want, Need, Must About Your Money

Today we’ll discuss a simple, yet effective, way to make sure you’re spending your money how you intend. Divide your spending into three categories – wants, needs, and musts. We used to think about luxuries and necessities. This splits those luxuries into two categories because, over time, luxuries tend to become necessities. ___ ___ ___Continue Reading

Starting from Scratch – Part 2

Today on The Bigg Success Show, we continued our discussion with Adam Shepard. Adam is the author of the book Scratch Beginnings, which describes his year-long real-life experiment to see if the American Dream is still alive. Last time, Adam told us about the initial stages of his experiment and what it took to beginContinue Reading

4 Secrets to Having All You Really Want

Today we want to talk about the choices we make and the sacrifices that go along with them. Some people say that’s an outdated concept – choices and sacrifices. We disagree. As long as a person only has 24 hours in a day, trade-offs will continue to exist. ___ ___ We have a friend whoContinue Reading

Play at Work

child’s play: something that’s easy to do. We often don’t think about it, but play is actually child’s work. It’s all we had to do as kids and we learned essential skills by doing it. ___ ___ Then we grew up. Work becomes work. Play is what we do after all the work is done.Continue Reading

Seth Godin on Tribes: Part 3

On The Bigg Success Show, we’ve been talking with Seth Godin about his incredible new book, Tribes. So far we’ve discussed: Part I: what a tribe is, what the leader does, and why quality trumps quantity Part II: why Seth became a leader, the power of one, and the importance of leverage   Today weContinue Reading

Finding Your Passion One Week at a Time

Today, we welcomed Sean Aiken to The Bigg Success Show. Sean graduated from college a little over a year ago but didn’t know what he wanted to do. So he decided to work a different job every week for one year. In the process, he raised over $20,000 for charity. His journey has been coveredContinue Reading

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