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Is Your Star Shining Bright?

Today, we want to share the timeless secret to overcoming all the odds. We’re mixing it up a little … we usually end with our bigg quote. We’ll start with it today because it’s central to our discussion.

It’s our favorite quote here at Bigg Success, by the author, B.C. Forbes.

“It is when things go hardest, when life becomes most trying, that there is the greatest need for having a fixed goal, for having an air castle that the outside world cannot wreck. When few comforts come from without, it is all the more necessary to have a fount to draw from within. And the man or woman who has a star toward which to press cannot be thrown off the course, no matter how the world may try, no matter how far things seem to be wrong.”

So what’s the timeless secret to overcoming all the odds? Here it is …

You can overcome all adversity by knowing your bigg purpose.

Why, you ask, is it so important to have a star toward which to press? A bright star that’s constantly in sight.

  • It helps keep things in perspective.
  • By keeping your bigg purpose – your star – shining bright, little things don’t matter as much. You’re able to let them roll off you. They don’t bother you so much. You have bigger things to which to tend. You can make the right decisions much easier.

  • It provides a fixed point of reference for all the movement around it.
  • The biggest star of all, the sun, doesn’t move. The planets do, revolving around the sun. There are asteroids and all kinds of other things in space in constant motion.

    Back on Planet Earth, there is also constant movement – it’s called change. It’s everywhere – happening faster and faster. You can’t control everything, but your response is much clearer when you have a star toward which to press. You adapt … your bigg purpose stays in place.

  • It serves as an internal reserve to counteract external forces.
  • Friends, family, and colleagues usually have the very best intentions. In spite of that, sometimes they say things that may create doubt. You may become so afraid that you don’t take any risk; you don’t stick your neck out, which ultimately means you don’t accomplish what you want.

    There’s comfort in your star. You know what you’re trying to accomplish. That inner sense keeps you pushing on to the life you want.

The Iron Man Dad
We were e-mailed an inspiring story about living with purpose a while back. Dick Hoyt’s son, Rick, was born with cerebral palsy. Due to some complications at birth, the doctors told Dick that Rick would never talk or walk. That day, Dick found his star – to make life for Rick as normal as possible.

Time passed and Rick graduated from high school. He went on college and earned a degree in special education. While there, he helped his school, Boston College, develop a computer system that enables people like him to communicate.

Here’s where the story gets even more interesting …
Rick heard about a fundraiser – a five-mile run to benefit a young man who was paralyzed. Rick told his dad that they had to help. So Dick pushed Rick in a two-wheel running chair.

That wasn’t enough for this dynamic duo. They moved on to marathons – that’s over 26 miles! Then triathlons. Finally, they signed on for the Iron Man competition.

Dick attaches a tow line around his waist and pulls Rick for the 2.4-mile swim. Then, using a specially built bike, Rick sits in a seat in front of Dick for the 112-mile ride. Finally, Dick pushes a three-wheel chair for the marathon portion of each event.

Now, nearly 1,000 races later, would you say Rick has a normal life? It’s extraordinary. Dick Hoyt set out to create a normal life for his son. He accomplished that, and inspired an entire world!

Do you have a star toward which to press? Look for your star today so you can endure – even in the most difficult of times.

Next time, we’ll talk about the greatest miracle of all. You might just be surprised when you hear what it is. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!