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The Illusion Of Wealth

By Bigg Success Staff

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Rich Poor is a colleague of yours. He drives a brand new Mercedes. He owns a new house in a great neighborhood. He belongs to the country club. He and his wife frequently dine out at the nicest restaurants in town. They travel extensively to the most exotic locations. Rich Poor lives a grand life!

Then there’s your friend, Rich. He drives a Ford, which he bought when it was a few years old. He still lives in the same little house he’s owned for years. He and his wife dine out occasionally, but usually it’s a pretty simple meal. Poor Rich – he just can’t catch a break.

Which Rich is rich – Rich Poor or poor Rich?

It’s quite likely that poor Rich is the one with the money!

How can that be?

Rich Poor gives the illusion of wealth, but odds are that he spends as much as he makes, if not more.

Poor Rich doesn’t appear wealthy, but he may have already built a significant nest egg.

You can’t always believe what you see!

So would you rather be wealthy or just pretend you’re wealthy?

If you want real wealth, you should emulate poor Rich. If you’re okay living in the land of make-believe, then follow Rich Poor’s example.

What you make doesn’t matter that much in creating wealth.

What’s much more important is what you do with what you don’t spend.

And it all starts with what you don’t spend. Because until you spend less than you make, you’ll never have to worry about what you’re going to do with the money you’ve saved.

Rich Poor is spending so much money, trying to look wealthy, that it’s very likely that he will never get wealthy!

Don’t succumb to the pressure to portray wealth that doesn’t exist.

Poor Rich lives frugally. Chances are he’s at least as happy as Rich Poor. But he’s also building a solid foundation for his future.

Rich Poor is in the habit of spending lavishly. And as we all know, habits are hard to change. But change he must if he wants to have the freedom that comes with financial security.

Picture a day when your money makes enough money to pay all your bills. Your money works for you so you don’t have to work for money.

Now you’re free! You can do what you want, when you want, where you want, with who you want!

Isn’t that better than pretending you’re rich now?

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