Get Rid Of Clutter And Save An Hour A Day With These Simple Tips


According to Newsweek (June 7, 2004), the average American loses 55 minutes EVERY day searching for things they can’t find. We thought that particularly appropriate as we prepare to “spring forward” this weekend, here in the U.S. We’ll “lose” an hour this weekend, but you can get it back every day!

Clutter can cost you more than time. You may have to pay late fees if your bills don’t get paid on time. If you miss appointments, relationships can be damaged. In some places, clutter is so pervasive that people have been injured when they tripped over it!

4 clutter-busters to save you time and money!

#1 – Use it or lose it.
If in doubt, throw it out! Many people do the opposite – they keep it unless they know they won’t use it. Apply the six-month rule. Have you used it in the last six months? Do you KNOW that you’ll use it in the next six months? If the answer is “no” to both of those questions, then lose it!

If it’s a document that you need to maintain, consider scanning it. Electronic storage takes up a lot less space!

#2 – Make a place for everything and keep everything in its place.
After the first tip, you should have a lot less to put away now. Find a place for everything you keep. Once you’ve put it there, keep it there. When you use something, put it back immediately after you’re done with it. Make it a habit.

#3 – Call on a pro.
You may not be the “do-it-yourself” type. Or maybe you just don’t have a knack for organization. Check out the National Association of Professional Organizers. You can search for organizers in your area and find some great tips on hiring a specialist.

#4 – Once you get uncluttered, make sure you don’t re-clutter.
Daily maintenance is the key. Create a system for handling incoming items like your mail, newspapers, and periodicals. For example, you may open your mail over your shredder. Sort any mail you save by action date and file it appropriately. When today’s newspaper is here, yesterday’s is gone. Same with magazines.

Clutter may be a symptom of a bigger problem.
There’s one final note we wanted to make about clutter – clutter may not be the problem. It may be a symptom of this bigger problem …

… You’re TOO busy!

If you find yourself diving right into your next project immediately after finishing your last project because you’re up against yet another tight deadline, you’re too busy!

Start living on human time. Stop expecting too much from yourself.

Slow down so you can catch up!

Being clutter-free is good for your well-being. It helps you think more clearly. It can save you an hour a day! So schedule some time to attack the clutter and prevent it from coming back!

Do you have some de-cluttering tips to share?

Leave us a Comment. We’ll gladly accept your help!

Our bigg quote today comes from educator and author, Dr. Laurence J. Peter:

“If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind,
what is the significance of a clean desk?”

We’d like to come up with a witty comment about our bigg quote, but our mind’s blank!

Next time, we’ll interview a business networking expert who will share his 3 keys to effective networking. Until then, here’s to your bigg success!

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11 replies
  1. Brian
    Brian says:

    Here’s what I do – Every Friday afternoon, I file away papers and consolidate all of my little notes that have accrued over the week. Tackling this stack once a week not only helps me stay organized, but it also helps me prioritize my projects for the following week.

  2. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    I am the queen of loosing things. But I swear that no matter how much I clean and organize I STILL manage to loose things. Its my absent mindedness at work, any ideas about how to be aware of when I put things down?

  3. George and Mary-Lynn
    George and Mary-Lynn says:

    Oh Shannon…you mean you can’t find your keys? A little basket or bin on your desk at work, or table at home is the perfect catch for small everyday items. As for paperwork, create some temporary folders for projects for the day or even the week. Label them with pencil so they can be re-used. This allows you to keep track of work, and spend less time looking for what you’ve already done. Thanks for you comment and let us know if these tips help!

  4. Get Organized
    Get Organized says:

    Great advice. I wish my boyfriend would follow these rules. He’ll keep junk around that he hasn’t used in 12 years. Urgh. We’re opposites when it comes to that.


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