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The Goal-Setters Dilemma

By Bigg Success Staff

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Setting goals can be tricky. Like Goldilocks looking for the right bowl of porridge or the perfect bed, you want to create goals that are neither too high nor too low … you want goals that are just right.

Too high

When you reach a goal, you build self-confidence. If you rarely obtain your goals, you don’t feel that sense of accomplishment. Soon, you’ll get discouraged. For many, that means not setting goals at all.

Too low

When it’s too easy to reach a goal, there’s no excitement in it. Successful people often say the journey is more thrilling than the actual accomplishment. If your goals don’t require you to stretch, you quickly get bored with them.

Just right

You want goals that are achievable, yet challenging – goals that require realistic personal growth, given your time frame and resources. So here’s a tip for each side of the goal-setters dilemma …

  • If you tend to set goals that are too high …
    Set a goal just like you’ve always done it. Now, cut it in half … or double the time you assume it will take to reach it! You get to pick!

    See how it goes. If it’s too easy to accomplish, don’t cut it so much next time (or don’t extend the time as far). If it’s still too hard, cut it even more next time. Eventually, you’ll learn to set goals that are achievable.

  • If you tend to set goals that are too low …
    Once again, set goals just like you have in the past. Now, increase it by ten percent … or make the date for achieving it ten percent earlier. It’s your choice!

    Then review when you reach your goal or the date passes. Did it still seem too easy? If so, adjust the goal or the time frame even more next time. If it’s too hard now, don’t increase it so much next time. You’ll find the right process for you through experimentation.

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(Image by Hiro Sheridan, CC 2.0)