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The 3 Rs of Bigg Success – Part 2

Back-to-School on chalkboardIt’s Back-to-School time and we’re in the middle of a ten-part series on lifelong learning. We’ve talked about the 3 R’s we learned in school and how they apply to our lives now.

Last time, we started the 3 R’s of BIGG success by talking about the 1st R – responsibility. Now we want to talk about the 2nd R – resiliency.

We always knew how important it was to be resilient. However, the events of the past year or so have highlighted why it’s vital that we are able to bounce back.

One of the things we know for sure is that there will be surprises on the path to bigg success. That’s when you have to dig deep to find your ability to press on.

The difference between a promise and a commitment


georgeI’m admittedly going back a few years here. I remember a banquet from high school. Our football team had a very successful year. The quote behind the dais said, “Losers make promises, Winners make commitments.” There’s a fine line between those two terms.



mary-lynnPromises are a declaration of what you will do. We’re told to keep our promises. Of course, we should. But that quote, George, highlights how you keep promises. You make a commitment to make them so.


When you do that, you have an emotional stake in the promise. You’re not just saying it. You will do it one way or another.

That’s the BIGG goal-getters mindset. That’s the mindset of people who will reach BIGG success in times like the ones we’re living through.

5 ways to become more resilient

Change is occurring at a rate we’ve never seen before. One of the things that we can count on in the future is that things will keep changing.

Resiliency is a critical trait for bigg success. Here are five ways to become more resilient:

  • Develop a will do attitude.We used to say “can do” but the term “can” isn’t strong enough. Try this: Say “I can succeed bigg.” Now try it this way: “I will succeed bigg!” Do you see the difference? A will-do mindset empowers you. Believe in yourself completely.
  • Become flexible.Rigidity isn’t one of the 3 R’s of bigg success! It works against bigg success these days. Things change quickly, which makes the future difficult to predict. Learn and adapt. It’s critical to bigg success.
  • Develop a problem-solving process.Check out our post called SOLVE IT where we map out such a system. And take a note from the Chinese: Put all your problems in a box and pull them out one at a time when you’re ready to deal with them.
  • Summon strength.Different people do this in different ways. Your strength may come from inside yourself. It may come from meditation or prayer. It may come from people who care about you. It may come from a combination of all of these. It doesn’t matter where you get it, but find mental, emotional and spiritual strength.
  • Focus.Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t. Focus on who you can influence, not who you can’t. Focus on the most important thing you for you to accomplish next for your bigg success.

Thank you so much for the gift of your time today. Please join us next time as we discuss the 3rd R of BIGG success – relationships. Until then, here’s to your BIGG success!

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