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This Fly by Night Operation Gets It Right

christmas-treeThis is a Bigg Success Investigative Report. We’ve heard allegations about a family-owned business run by the patriarch, who is said to be a megalomaniac.

He stands accused of running his operation with a heavy-hand, striking fear among the workers in his factory. Worse yet, he has been accused of using child labor.



He has rarely been seen in person. Unfortunately, this fly-by-night operator has many imitators who seem to come out this time of year.

People say they have seen him in their homes, uninvited. Although, these reports have never claimed that he took anything. Rather, they say he often leaves things behind.

This operation is getting a great deal of buzz right now. So we decided to do some investigating and report back to you.

We went straight to the headquarters of this family business. We were shocked at what we saw. This isn’t your typical fly-by-night operation.

We came away with five lessons that can help your business be more successful.

He keeps a close eye on his patrons.
In fact, it’s been said that, if you’re one of the people he serves, “he sees you when you’re sleeping; he knows when you’re awake.”      

Wow! It’s almost creepy that he pays that close of attention to his customers. We don’t recommend that you go that far, but learning all about your customers and their habits will help you in your business, too.

He listens to his clientele.
Specifically, he pays attention to the answer to the most important question you can ask your customers: What do you want? He knows exactly what his customers want because they tell him. He doesn’t rely on guesswork.

We actually witnessed customers sitting on his lap when they answer this question. We don’t necessarily recommend that. However, you do want your customers to feel so comfortable with you that they’re willing to speak freely.

He works from a list.
We were amazed at the number of people this operation serves. Yet they have a remarkable record for accuracy in filling their orders.

The leader told us that one of his secrets was simply to “make a list and check it twice.”

He segments his customers.
As an example, he said that, if you’re one of the people he serves, he finds out “if you’re naughty or nice”. The products he offers these two different types of customers vary drastically.

That’s the real key – by segmenting your customers, you may find differences in their preferences. This may lead to new opportunities for add-on sales.

He brings his team together.
The story is told about one young member of this organization who “had a very shiny nose.” His cohorts made fun of him mercilessly – they would “laugh and call him names”.

This caught the attention of the man in charge. He found a special project perfectly suited to this young one’s unique gifts. After that, all the associates in his department “loved him”.

This is a great lesson. Everyone has a special talent. Sometimes it’s masked by something quirky. Most people only see the quirk. Great leaders look deeper and find the gift.

So, to summarize, we saw no child labor – far from it. He hires adults that others would probably overlook. His people adore him. So do the people he serves.

This fly-by-night operation is a bigg success!


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Thanks so much for checking in with us today.

Please join us next time when we talk about a man who mastered social media over a century-and-a-half ago.

Until then, here’s to your bigg success!


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