a picture of of a factory for our blog post about reverse entrepreneuring the industrial revolution

Reverse Entrepreneuring the Industrial Revolution Part 1

a picture of of a factory for our blog post about reverse entrepreneuring the industrial revolution

In Part 1 of this 2-part series, learn how reverse entrepreneuring the Industrial Revolution can help you find entrepreneurial opportunities for the future.

The Industrial Revolution is considered to be one of the defining events in human history. It was a rising tide that lifted all boats.

Most people saw a significant improvement in their standard of living. Some people created incredible amounts of wealth.

There were other bigg changes as well:

1. People migrated from the farm to the city.
2. Production moved from the home to the factory.
3. Now large companies had an advantage over small ones.
4. The pony express eventually gave way to mass media.
5. Entrepreneurs became employees.

The Industrial Revolution gave way to the Information Revolution. Today:

1. We can connect with people like never before.
2. Powerful technology can be deployed with less money.
3. Entrepreneurs sit at the base of a mountain of opportunity.

But how do you find those opportunities?

You’re familiar with the term reverse engineering. Since BIGG Success is all about entrepreneuring – we’ll talk about reverse entrepreneuring.

What do you get when you reverse entrepreneur these two revolutions to find opportunity?

1. You get people moving out of the city.
2. You get production moving back home.
3. You get small companies who can outmaneuver large ones.
4. You get social media taking over for mass media.
5. You get employees becoming entrepreneurs.
6. You get the Individual Revolution!

A huge forward leap back!
If you see what’s happening here – and we’ll bet you do – we’re taking a huge forward leap back to the past! Only now:

1. We have new tools to use.
2. We have years of experience upon which to build.
3. We can connect with the global community.
4. We have opportunities galore!

A rising tide will lift all boats. And BIGG wealth will be created by some astute entrepreneurs. That’s what we’ll talk about next time.

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