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The Problem with Taking a Vacation

vacation-sunsetIf you’re a regular reader, you already know that we recently returned from vacation. The photo you’re seeing is from the balcony of our room!

Without question, it’s important to take time to rejuvenate and we were overdue. But it’s hard to get away, especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

And as you know, BIGG success is entrepreneuring your life. So we’re all entrepreneurs.



You may go away but the work doesn’t!

It’s the vacation paradox that entrepreneurs face. You need time away to rejuvenate but you have to work even harder to get that time away!


George KruegerI jokingly said that we had to do two weeks of work to take a one week vacation.



Mary-Lynn FosterGeorge, I think you forgot that you have to do two weeks of work the week before your trip and two weeks of work the week after!


Under the gun gets you in the groove

It sure seems like it anyway. Before vacation, we were really cranking. It seemed like we were getting two days of production done every day.

Because we had to!

It meant long hours. But isn’t it amazing how efficient you can be when you’re in the groove?

And that’s a lesson … when you’re under the gun, it seems easier to get in the groove!

Relighting the fire

We love the work we do here at BIGG Success. We were gone long enough that I couldn’t wait to get back and get going again.

In fact, I think we both started mentally checking in the last day or two of our trip. Then we would remind each other to keep enjoying the time away.

So we got back from vacation ready to set the world on fire. But we’ve been disappointed with ourselves.

It took a while to get the fire relit!

We got used to a more leisurely pace. We were able to sleep longer …

… and later! Although experts say you can’t catch up on lost sleep, we think we did.

The entrepreneurial marathon

Our city’s marathon is coming up soon. It got us thinking about the similarities between the marathoner in training and entrepreneurs’ production capacity.

Picture yourself preparing for a marathon. You go out on the first day of your training and run a little bit. You go out the second time and run a little bit further.

You keep running a little bit further each day or so until you know you can go the distance. Now you might start working on your time – getting it done faster.

But you don’t run all the time. You give yourself a break now and then.


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When we look at people we admire – people who are a BIGG success – one thing they have in common is that they work hard.

But it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes training.

Your production capacity increases over time. You can work a little longer, work a little harder and work more efficiently. You can work at a pace that would have never been possible had you tried to do it earlier.

But you have to take some time off – even if it’s just a day – to maintain that pace.


George KruegerIt reminds me of the football player who was asked why his team had won the game. He said, “We came out and got the momodum. Then we lost the momodum but fortunately we were able to get the momodum back.”



Mary-Lynn FosterYes, momentum is a precious thing. We had the momentum going into our vacation. There’s no doubt we needed some time away. But as entrepreneurs, we often think we’re super-human. We’re not. The problem with taking a vacation is that you’ll lose the momentum.


But you can get the momentum back. It will take a little time. You should plan for it.

That’s what we missed.

We thought we could hit the ground running like we were before. We didn’t. So we were disappointed. But we learned. And we know that leads to BIGG success!

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