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Our Blog is Holding Our Podcast Hostage



A building on a busy street. The police are there in full force. They have blocked off the street but a BIGG crowd has gathered.

We arrive after being summoned by the police. They tell us that our blog is holding our podcast hostage inside the building. Our blog has a list of demands.

Listen to the show for the rest of the story!





Mary-Lynn FosterSince we started BIGG Success, our blog and our podcast have been two-of-a-kind. We did a podcast. Our blog post was a transcription of it.



George KruegerWe were probably a little podcast-centric because Mary-Lynn is a veteran radio broadcaster. She’s passionate about audio and, if I do say so myself, she’s one of the best at it!


So here’s our announcement: We’re going to separate our podcast and our blog.

We will still do podcasts with a summary like this one. But now we will also do “pure” blog posts. It was one of our blog’s demands!

Pairing the two has served us well. However, we’ve learned some lessons about blogging, podcasting and business over the last two-and-a-half years. Among them:

1. Some messages fit one medium better
We’ve heard it again and again: Deliver your content however the audience wants it. So we did audio and text. However, sometimes a message – or a method – works better with one medium than another. Today’s show is the perfect example!

2. Remain flexible while delivering what your community wants
We didn’t want “readers” to miss the post. We didn’t want “listeners” to miss the podcast. However, we missed opportunities to share great information with you. We can produce an even higher quality product if one medium isn’t constrained by the other.

So we’re not going to be so rigid. Uh hmm … we meant to say we’re going to be more flexible. We want to bring great information your way in the best format, whatever that may be. Most of all, we want to help you reach BIGG success!

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