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Be Steadfast and Flexible for BIGG Success

Steadfast like a BIGG rockToday, we introduced a new segment on the show: Terms from a Hat. Since BIGG success is life on your own terms, we thought it only appropriate!

We’ll occasionally take our hat full of terms, pull one out and discuss it. If you have a term that you’d like us to talk about, send it our way and we’ll put it into the hat.



The term today was … steadfast.

It made us think of two other terms: (1) unmovable, like a BIGG rock, and (2) unchanging, which may be a good or a bad thing.

BIGG success is about entrepreneuring your life – taking full control to design and build the life of your dreams.

What’s your vision of the life that fits you perfectly? You need to pursue that vision steadfastly.

You’ll be tested along the way. You will run full speed ahead into walls. You have to summon the strength to persevere. Otherwise, you’ll never reach BIGG success.

Can your vision ever change?

Of course it can. As new information comes to light, as you learn more about yourself – you may change your vision.

In most cases, though, it will be more of a tweak than a complete change. Think of it like you’re moving. You’re still headed to the same city, but the place where you’ll stay when you get there may change.

What do you stand for? If you stomp on your values while pursuing your vision, you’ll never reach BIGG success. It may appear to others like you’re a success. But you’ll know better.

Can your values ever change?

There are certain irrefutable natural laws which can’t be sacrificed. One example would be the principle of no harm. If you harm others to reach BIGG success, it will feel empty. You won’t like the man or woman you see in the mirror.

But we also think of values as those things which are most important to you. That certainly can change over time. Just like vision, as you learn more about yourself and the world around you, you may find some things that seemed important aren’t and some things that weren’t on your radar are.

Of course, in some situations, two values will be at odds with each other. You need an ethical framework to help you deal with those types of situations.

That Thing You Do
You’ve tried and tried, again and again. But you aren’t getting anywhere.

Do you persist? Is that being steadfast?

It may be but it’s the negative sense of the word. Persistence in this case isn’t steadfastness; it’s stubbornness. And it only leads to more and more frustration.

As we discussed this further, we realized that flexibility is the antonym of stubborn, not steadfast. Because if you’re going to reach BIGG success, you have to be steadfast and flexible at the same time.

And in the example we’re talking about here, where you’ve tried and tried again, before you try something else, pause for a minute. Separate the activity from the process. It’s possible that you’re doing the right thing but it’s being done in the wrong way.

You need to remain flexible enough to find the right way to do it while, at the same time, remaining steadfast enough to keep doing it once you find it. That leads to BIGG success!

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