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‘Tis the Season for Entrepreneurs


The first official day of winter comes as we close out this year and begin a new one. It’s a time to reflect on the past and renew our spirit.

Winter can be scary. There’s more darkness than light. Sometimes it’s hard to see where you’re going.

Winter can be stressful. The old and familiar go away. It’s desolate. It can seem like new growth will never come.

It’s harder to survive the winter. So people seek shelter and hunker down. They keep the fire burning, all the while anticipating the spring ahead.

Economies go through seasons as well. And it sure seems to us like we’re in winter.

And that’s good news!

Winter is the season for entrepreneuring. Winter forces change – the old, inefficient and ineffective give way to new.

Existing systems, structures and even institutions are called into question. They became what they are through iterations. In the winter, innovation is sought. Innovation leads to transformation. Transformation may result in creative destruction.

Entrepreneurs see opportunity in the face of change. Entrepreneurs look risk in the eye and call its bluff. Entrepreneurs create value for society so they can build value for themselves.

We have some significant problems in our world today. We need entrepreneurs to step up and solve them. We need you!

‘Tis the season for entrepreneurs. ‘Tis the season for you to stake your claim. ‘Tis the season for you to be a BIGG success!

Image in this post from MEJones