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Why Many People Never Soar to BIGG Success

soaringWhat’s more important to a bird – its wings or its belief that it can fly?

Certainly a bird’s wings are a critical part of its ability to fly. And even wings aren’t enough as we see with penguins and about forty other species of birds that can’t fly.

However, the belief that it can fly is what gets a bird started. The desire to fly makes a bird willing to take the risk.

As we get ready for a New Year …

Do you really have the desire that it takes to reach BIGG success?

Sadly, for many people, the answer is … No.

Sadly, many people won't soar on to BIGG success. 

Do you truly believe, deep down inside yourself, that you will be a BIGG success?

(Image in this post from Flickr,CC 2.0)