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The Wrong Question to Ask about Next Year

Happy New Year 2011What do I want to accomplish in 2011?

It’s a question on many people’s minds as we near the beginning of a New Year. But it’s the wrong question.



The question we should be asking is:

What will I accomplish in 2011?

Do you see the difference? It’s a BIGG one – so BIGG, in fact, that it is often the single biggest reason why people don’t achieve their goals. It has to do with self-talk.

The nature of your internal dialog determines the nature of your life.

What are you willing to do to succeed?
Successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t. Sounds obvious, right?
But if it’s that easy, why don’t unsuccessful people just change their ways?

Because it’s hard!

It’s easy to run with the crowd.
It’s easy to make excuses.
It’s easy to blame the economy or your boss or your parents or your spouse for your circumstances.

It’s hard to take responsibility for your outcome.
It’s hard to do the important thing when you could do something else that’s more fun.
It’s hard to act in the face of uncertainty.

Unsuccessful people take the easy route and end up living a hard life. Successful people do those things that are hard so they can have a life that’s easy.

Seeing is believing
Nevertheless, you will face obstacles on your path to BIGG success. Do you see them as insurmountable problems or challenges to be overcome?

Do you see yourself actively pursuing your dreams or waiting for fate to determine your destiny?

Seeing is believing. You have to see a new you to be a new you.

Believing is seeing
To see a new you, you first have to believe. Believe in yourself. Believe that you will reach BIGG success.

You believe – from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

But that’s not good enough.

This belief has to come from the core of your being, from deep down in your soul. You have to feel it in your gut.

You believe – really believe. Believe so much that it consumes you.

Believing is seeing. Believe so much that you can vividly see yourself achieving your goals, living life on your own terms and reaching BIGG success!

We wish happiness, health and prosperity in the New Year!

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