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Carol Roth on The Entrepreneur Equation – Part 1

Carol RothWe were so happy today to visit with Carol Roth on our show. Among many other things, Carol’s an investment banker, business strategist and deal maker who has helped clients from solopreneurs to multinational companies raise more than $1billion of capital.

You may have seen her on Fox News, MSNBC or Fox Business. She has her own TV show in development and she’s the author of the fantastic new book, The Entrepreneur Equation, which is why we want you to meet her.

Listen to the podcast to hear:

  • Carol’s secret to doing it all
  • what her “spinach in your teeth” philosophy is
  • why the failure rate for small business isn’t acceptable
  • the key to approaching a new business for greater success
  • Carol’s “FIRED UP system” to help you assess the timing of your startup
  • why you probably don’t need to worry about someone stealing your idea

Carol has some incredible special offers if you pre-order her book by February 18, 2011. We highly recommend it to you!

To listen to Parts 2 and 3 of our interview with Carol Roth, click here.

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