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Carol Roth on The Entrepreneur Equation – Part 3

Carol RothOn today’s show, we wrapped up our chat
with Carol Roth. Carol is the author of
The Entrepreneur Equation, a must read for aspiring entrepreneurs. Last time, we discussed why men fare better than women at entrepreneuring as well as why you should put opportunity ahead of passion.

In our final podcast of this three-part series, you’ll hear:

  • how you can give yourself the best shot at being a BIGG success as an entrepreneur
  • how to analyze an opportunity with Carol’s framework
  • what existing business owners can learn from this book
  • why rethinking your business model can help you take a giant leap forward
  • Carol’s unique promotional tool and the 3 reasons behind it

We love Carol because she has a genuine desire to help entrepreneurs. If you think a little help would be good, get this book. You’ll qualify for some amazing special offers by pre-ordering it by February 18, 2011.

To listen to Parts 1 and 2 of our interview with Carol Roth, click here.

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