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You Can’t Do Nothing

nothingYou can’t do nothing. We learned in mathematics that if you multiply two negatives together, the product is a positive.

You can’t do nothing. Grammatically, we know that two negatives make a positive. So “not doing nothing” is doing something.

You can’t do nothing in life either. Doing nothing is a choice. Usually not a conscious choice, but a choice nonetheless. You’re fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

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Doing something while attempting to do nothing

Maybe you’re unhappy in your career. What are you doing about it? A lot of people do something while attempting to do nothing. They bitch. They whine. They complain.

It’s not productive. They make themselves more miserable. They make everyone around them miserable too.

You’re a BIGG goal-getter. If you’re unhappy at work, you’ll change jobs or consider a career change. Right? You’ll do something productive.

Not doing anything of substance

Some people dream of being an entrepreneur, of starting their own small business. They think about it. They fantasize about it. They may even talk about it.

But they never do anything of substance. They choose to do nothing while time marches on. We humans don’t have the choice of staying in place. We either move forward or we fall backward.

You can’t do nothing. Many people try. They all fail. They choose to remain stuck. They choose to accept their place in life. But not you…you choose life on your own terms. That’s BIGG success!

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