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Town Outlaws Success

crazytown | BIGG SuccessCrazytown, June 10, 2011. In a special session held last night at City Hall, Crazytown council members outlawed breathing.

The move was a response to a complaint from a Crazytown resident. This resident got a cold after his wife breathed on him.

He contacted his councilperson demanding the city of Crazytown take action. After much heated debate, the Council voted 5 – 4 to make it illegal to breathe.

No residents of Crazytown could be reached today for comment.


Imagine checking the news one day and seeing this story. Far fetched? Of course. But haven’t you ever found yourself trying to understand the logic behind some new law?

BIGG success is life on your own terms. As a citizen, you must zealously guard your right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Entrepreneurs, small business owners and other BIGG goal-getters must add political engagement to their to-do list. Make time to share your views with your elected officials.

Otherwise, you may wake up one morning to find out your town outlawed success. Unfortunately, we’ve experienced this firsthand. Not in our town, but from our state.

We’re based in Illinois. Our state just became the fourth state to tax internet sales. It instantly shut down a portion of our business.

For example, we are not affiliates of Amazon any longer. When we discuss books or other products, we will still link you to Amazon for your convenience.

That’s the main reason we did it anyway. The few pennies on the dollar we received were a nice tip.

We understand the arguments on the other side. However, most of the people who voted on the bill don’t understand affiliate sales. We will continue trying to help them grasp the concept.

You must do the same for your business, your career and your life. It’s simply not an option anymore.

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