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Success in Your New Role as a Leader–Part 2

42 Rules for   Your New Leadership Role book cover | BIGG SuccessToday on The BIGG Success Show, we wrapped up our conversation with Pam Fox Rollin, the founder of Idea Shape . We’re talking with her about her fantastic new best-selling book, 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role .

Last time, we discussed how to improve your chances for success when considering a new promotion.

Click the player to hear Pam talk with George & Mary-Lynn on The BIGG Success Show podcast.

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Listen to this session to hear:

  • the best advice Pam received on leading when things go wrong
  • how learning opportunities are lost
  • how to keep your team focused on problem solving and learning

We think all leaders will find Pam’s book helpful. For new leaders, it’s a must read.

Visit the book page on IdeaShape for to learn more. You can also “like” her on Facebook, or follow @LeadStartBook on Twitter.