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saying no when there is no time to say yes | BIGG SuccessA colleague, who is also your friend, calls to ask for your help on a project. You know it will take a few hours of your time.

A few hours you don’t have. You already had your day planned. You have things-to-do that are important for your BIGG success.

You know there is no benefit for you to help them. What do you do?

Do you say yes and fall behind on your most critical tasks? Or do you say no. If you do, you know you’ll feel guilty.

Know when to be negative

A lot of success talk focuses on the positive. The most successful people know when to be negative.

So in the scenario above, just say no.

No makes your life less complex.

No keeps you on task.

No helps you keep your life in sync.

How to say no without feeling guilty

But you’ll feel guilty if you say no. Get over it.

Look at the scenario again. What’s the win for you?

Sure, helping a colleague makes you feel good. But how do you feel the second after that euphoria wears off?

You know, the moment you realize that you still have your whole to-do list. Do you feel overwhelmed?

Of course, you do. It’s draining.

You can’t be all things to all people and be a BIGG success. So you have to pick your opportunities carefully.

BIGG goal-getters are all about win – win. Of course, win – win doesn’t always happen simultaneously.

But in the case we presented, it’s clearly not a win for you. So you have to say no. And here’s a little trick to make it easier…

Don’t focus on what you can’t do. Focus on what you can do.

This may not always be possible. Sometimes all you can do is say no.

But occasionally, you may be able to find an alternative. In the scenario above, maybe you can suggest someone else who may be able to help your friend.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. No is the most liberating term in our language. No helps you reach BIGG success faster.

Image in this post from mzacha