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Top 10 Signs You Work Too Hard

worked too hard | BIGG SuccessOn The BIGG Success Show recently, we talked about the five top regrets in life. The biggest regret cited by dying patients is not living life on their own terms. That’s our definition of BIGG success.

The second biggest regret was working too much. With the weekend upon us, we thought we’d have a little fun.

So here are the top ten signs that you work too hard:

#10) When you divide your salary by your hours worked, you realize you’re not making minimum wage.

#9) You try to donate blood but only coffee comes out.

#8) Your dog greets you at the door, with a growl.

#7) The last time you watched a movie at home, you used a Beta player.

#6) You kiss your boss goodnight and shake your spouse’s hand at home.

#5) Your pee comes out lime green, the color of your favorite energy drink.

#4) You work in your sleep and sleep at your desk.

#3) The only day you spent with your kids this year was Take Your Child to Work Day.

#2) Your last home-cooked meal was made by the Colonel himself.

#1) Your doctor tells you that the iron in your blood has turned to lead in your bottom.

What would you add to the list?

Thanks for checking in with us today. We hope you have a spectacular weekend.

We’ll be back on Monday talking about the three things you need to do today to be a BIGG success. Until then, here’s to your
BIGG success!

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