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How to Change Your Career

Tutors On TV | BIGG SuccessIt’s time for another edition of Tutors on TV.

On the season finale of Men of a Certain Age, Terry (played by Scott Bakula) is on a test drive with a customer. Terry is an actor turned car salesman.

He and the customer are sitting at a stoplight. The customer says he can’t pull the trigger right now.

Terry says, “Decisions are hard.” Amen, brother!

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Birds of a feather

Terry noticed a bunch of birds sitting on a utility line. He says, “Do you think they worry like we do?”

He continues, “One bird flies away. They all follow. He has wings. He can just go.”

The light turns green. Terry and the customer just sit there, watching the birds. Nothing is happening.

The person behind them honks their horn. All the birds fly off. Terry and the customer laugh. Terry makes the sale. He’s now the #1 car salesman at the dealership where he works.

Flying away

But in spite of his success, he isn’t happy. He had directed a commercial on the fly for the car dealership. It was a BIGG success.

In the next scene, Terry is talking to Owen, whose family owns the dealership. Owen is both Terry’s boss and one of his best friends.

Terry tells Owen he wants to quit. Owen tells Terry that he has a good thing going. He’s making good money. He’s getting comfortable. But he’s been uncomfortable for so long that it feels wrong.

But Terry says he felt like himself again. He was doing what he loved, only now behind the camera. Terry resigns. There was just one problem…

Terry hasn’t told his girlfriend yet. He’s notorious for not making commitments. But he’s committed to her. Or at least that’s what she thought…

He hadn’t told her he was going to quit. He told her he had quit. She doesn’t take it well.

Later, they meet up. He says, “Give me a year. If it doesn’t work, I’ll go back to selling cars.” She agrees.

6 lessons for changing your career

  • You have to lead

    Decisions are hard. But sometimes you just know it’s time to fly away.

    You can’t wait for others. You have to lead. It’s your life.

  • Communication is critical

    It’s your life but you affect others. So it’s important to communicate with those closest to you.

    You want them to feel good about flying away with you.

  • Stick to your convictions

    Your friends may not fully understand at first. They may try to talk you out of it. You have to hold your convictions. You have to do what’s right for you.

  • Your flight may be a short one

    Don’t think you have to fly too far away. Sometimes, your ideal career may be in the same field. You’re just suited for a different role.

  • Your job

    Almost nothing in life is all or nothing. Few things are permanent.

    Your life is a laboratory. No matter what your job is, your job is to conduct experiments. To test out new things.

  • Actdapt!

Some of the things you test out will work out. Great!

In others cases, they wont. Act and adapt – actdapt!

It leads to BIGG success!

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