image of long road for post about journey to success

An Inevitable Part of Your Journey to Success

image of long road for post about journey to success

You’re probably familiar with the term “false start.” According to Merriam-Webster, it means an unsuccessful attempt to start something.

As bad as false starts are, false ends are worse. We consulted with Merriam-Webster for a definition of false end. There was nothing there.

But unfortunately, we know they’re real!

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We started thinking about this after watching an episode of Discovery’s Two Weeks in Hell. In case you’re not familiar, it’s about the intensive two-week training cadets go through to try to qualify for the Green Berets, the U.S. Army’s most elite group of soldiers.

On the show we watched, the cadets thought they were done. They had completed their two weeks of training.

But then they were required to perform one more grueling task.

It’s a technique the officers use to see which cadets have the mental stamina required to be an elite fighter. BIGG success uses the same trick.

False ends are brutal

Picture this – your BIGG goal is within reach. So you summon your last ounce of energy to do one more daunting task.

You just know that this is what it will take to achieve your BIGG goal.

You push yourself – more than you ever have before. You complete the task.

But you’re still short of your goal. It was a false end.

What a letdown!

Exhaustion overtakes you.

Discouragement overwhelms you.

You feel like crying, or withdrawing, or escaping. But you know what you do?

Press on!


Keep going.

Don’t give up.

Quitters never win and winners never quit.

So you do.

Somehow you find strength that you didn’t know you had. You give it another shot.

And…you come up short again.

Now you’re beyond discouragement.

You don’t want to cry; you’re ready to bawl your eyes out.

Escape? You want to RUN away.

But you don’t.

You try again. You know you have to do it. You have to stay motivated.

So how do you do that?

The key to getting past a false end

Get a buddy, a mentor, and/or a coach (maybe we could help).

Team up with someone who is trying to accomplish the same thing you are. Invest time supporting each other.

Or find someone who has already done what you’re trying to do. It may be a close friend who is willing to mentor you. Or you may pay a coach.

You may want to have all three. The more the merrier!

But the key is to always have someone you can turn to when you need encouragement.

False ends are an inevitable part of your journey to life on your own terms. Look for those few very important people who can help you persevere to reach BIGG success!

How do you deal with a false end?

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