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Give Up Your Beliefs to Be a Success

give way to your beliefs | BIGG SuccessDo you have to give up your beliefs to be a BIGG success?

Yes and no. Let’s tackle the “no” first.

Core beliefs

On a recent post, we asked: Must you sell your soul to be a BIGG success?

Some beliefs are sacrosanct. These core beliefs are part of a dynamic duo.

You need a vision. It is the star toward which you press.

Your core beliefs are your compass. They help you see the boundaries over which you must not cross.

If you do, any success you achieve will have little meaning. You will have lost yourself in your quest for success.

Discovering yourself is BIGG success.

Mistaken beliefs

But beliefs can work against you. These are beliefs you must give up to be a BIGG success.

We’ve all heard it said over and over: Perception is reality.

No it’s not.

The world is not flat. Yet many people said it was. It kept mankind from exploring new worlds for century upon century.

Perception may be reality. Or it may not.

Stated directly, your perception may be wrong. If you want to be a BIGG success, you must always guard against misperception.

You must discover the objective reality.

You will only make the right choices when you aren’t mislead.

You can only make the best decisions when you aren’t misguided.

Yes, your beliefs can work against you. Give up mistaken beliefs to be a BIGG success.

Limiting beliefs

These are really a special form of mistaken beliefs. But they are so pervasive that we felt they deserved a special mention.

Robert Anthony said, “You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.”

Well said.

Do you believe that you can’t get a promotion? You’re right.

Do you believe that you can’t succeed in business? You’re right.

Do you believe you are a loser? You’re right.

Do you believe you’re a winner? You’re right.

Tell your mind what you want it to think. Internalize those thoughts into beliefs. And your mind will begin to find ways to prove you right.

Even if you’re wrong!

Even if you told yourself you couldn’t do it when you could have!

You can achieve everything in your wildest dreams. But you won’t if you believe you can’t. Your mind will work to keep you stuck right where you are.

It’s your choice.

Choose disappointment, defeat and despair.

Choose to lose.

Choose a life of hardship and pain.


Choose enthusiasm, energy and elation.

Choose to win.

Choose BIGG success!

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