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Trick or Treat for Entrepreneurs

trick or treat for BIGG SuccessThis, the tale of an entrepreneur,
Who was not sure he could endure.
The times, you see, had been quite rough,
He was not sure he was tough enough.

So he sought advice from a wise old sage,
On Halloween, to get a gauge,
Of whether to continue or not,
He would let the sage decide his lot.

The sage said, No, I will not decide;
Only you, young man, can end this ride
So tell me now, your main concern,
And let us see if the tide can turn.

The young man said, I have done my time,
Yet, in my sales, I see no climb,
The results are in; they are not good,
I did not do what I thought I could.

The sage replied, Oh, I see the trouble,
Your expectations have left some rubble,
Your focus, I say, is on the wrong thing,
Let me tell you now how to end the sting.

Your business still is very young,
So hear you now the words from my tongue,
It is Halloween, so think Trick or Treat,
And soon you will be in the catbird’s seat.

At this young stage, you should worry less,
About the Treat, I must confess,
Focus instead, on a Trick or two,
Day after day, that is what you will do.

Test them, track them, see how it goes,
Keep knocking on the door of those,
Which yield best, they cannot be beat,
A spike in sales will be your Treat.

Image in this post from Kevin Dooley