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A Simple Technique to Find Your Business Idea

Find your business idea for BIGG SuccessWhere do great business ideas come from? Yesterday, on The BIGG Success Show, we discussed three places to look for your business idea.

Today, we want to extend that discussion. A lot of people start by looking for the hottest business. It’s the wrong place to start.

Begin with you. BIGG success is life on your own terms.

Once you get in business, you’ll be much happier with one suited for you. Too many people end up stuck in a business they detest.

You think a job is bad?
Try going to work every day in a business you hate, doing a job you abhor, for people you can’t stand.

But wait!
It gets worse.
Because unlike a job, you can’t walk away. You have too much invested.

So begin by exploring your passions, preferences, and proficiencies. Of course, you can’t stop there.

Entrepreneuring is a matching process. You have to match your personality with a market opportunity.

So how do you find a market opportunity?

At first, it will sound so simple. So simple, in fact, that you may write this whole post off.

And you’re right. It is simple. But the execution isn’t easy.

Many people get the first one sometimes. Most people never get to the second part.


You never know when or where it will happen – opportunity presents itself.

So look around. Watch the world in front of you. Observe.

What problem would you like solved?
What would you buy if only it were offered to you?
How could you improve what you already buy?


Don’t limit yourself to just your eyesight. Listen.

What problems do people around you have?
What don’t they have that they would like to have?
What experiences have they been dissatisfied with recently?

The wrong question

Too many people who want to get into business ask the wrong question.

The wrong question is: How can I make money?

Successful entrepreneurs ask: What problem can I solve?

Look and listen for problems that need to be solved. Then find a way to solve them profitably and you’ll have a business idea that leads to BIGG success!

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