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The One Thing You Must Do Today to Be a Success

Like the Great River BIGG success starts smallHave you ever been to the source of a great river, like the mighty Mississippi?

What did you see? Something so tiny and insignificant?

Did you find it hard to believe this was the origin of one of the greatest rivers in the world?

Water runs into ditches.
Ditches dump into creeks.
Creeks combine to form rivers.
These rivers flow into the Great River.

Only then – miles downstream – does its magnitude become apparent.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. Like the Great River, BIGG success starts small too!

A single, seemingly insignificant activity today combined with another one tomorrow and the day after that leads to the life on your dreams.


The “seemingly insignificant” part needs a little further explanation. Let’s start with “insignificant.”

The action you take probably is insignificant. Your world isn’t going to change.

You won’t immediately be thinner or better looking.
You won’t suddenly be rich and famous. And that’s good.

In fact, nothing will change. Or so it seems…


That’s where the “seemingly” part comes in. One thing will change instantly – you!

You will have taken action.
You will have done something to enact change.
You will have taken a step toward BIGG success.
So you can instantly feel better about yourself – you’re a winner!

And you will win if…

You follow up with a second action, and a third…

Don’t worry about the results in the early stage. Focus on the activities. That’s what you can control.

You’ll see the results soon enough. You’ll see that these activities aren’t insignificant.

In the meantime, it’s all about desire, devotion, and discipline. They lead to BIGG success!

What seemingly insignificant action will you take today?

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