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7 Clues to Find Your Passion

seven clues to finding your passion for BIGG SuccessBIGG success is life on your own terms. So today on The BIGG Success Show, we had another installment of Terms from a Hat. The term we pulled out of the BIGG hat was “inkling”.

We recently talked about why you should pray to get laid off. So many people are so unhappy at their current job. Yet many of them have an inkling of how they would like to spend their days.

Do you? Do you have an inkling?

Maybe this will help – here are seven clues to finding your passion:

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1) What makes you feel alive?

Get in touch with your feelings. When you are most excited, what are you doing? That’s a clue to discover your passion.

2) What gives you energy? We tend to think that work consumes our energy. And a lot of it does.

But your life’s work will generate energy within you. Energy you didn’t know you had.

What does that for you? It’s a hint about the kind of work you should look for.

3) What brings you joy?

There are things you hate to do. C’mon, you can admit it.

There are things you do about which you are somewhat agnostic; you can take them or leave them. (Although you’d probably rather leave them.)

Finally, some things make you happy. What are they? It will give you a notion about your passion.

4) What do you look forward to doing?

Are there certain types of projects or tasks that you eagerly anticipate? Is there an annual event you eagerly anticipate? Is there a time of year you particularly long for? These may be clues to what you should do with your life at work.

5th) What is your default?

When you’re not thinking about what to do next, what do you do next?

You probably naturally gravitate to certain kinds of activities. This may be a hint to how you spend your days.

6) What do others comment on when you do it?

What do you do that sparks a response from other people? They often feel the need to tell you how good you did, or how it helped them. It’s a great clue to find your passion.

7) What did you abandon?

What did you leave behind? Maybe a hobby you used to enjoy.

When you were younger, you had dreams. What were they? What did you never take up, never start? Maybe now’s the time.

But in any case, you may get your BIGG idea from thinking about these things.

Thinking about your inkling leads to BIGG success!

Do you have an inkling but don’t know what to do next?
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