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Les McKeown on The Synergist – Part 2

The Synergist | Les McKeown | The BIGG Success Show PodcastWe continued our discussion on The BIGG Success Show with Les McKeown about his new book The Synergist. Les started over 40 companies before launching Predictable Success, a business education and consulting company that helps organizations of all sizes – from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies.

Last time, Les told us about three of the four business personalities, and how they work together in an organization to create stability and success.

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In this podcast, you’ll hear:

  • why the three main personality types form an unstable triangle
  • common conflicts between the personalities
  • how these conflicts can hold a business back
  • how highly successful businesses punch through this stranglehold
  • why the Synergist is the stabilizing force
  • how to become the Synergist

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