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Chris Brogan on Google+ for Business – Part 1

Google+ for Business Book Cover | Interview with Chris BroganWe were honored today to chat with
Chris Brogan
on The BIGG Success Show. In
case you don’t know Chris, he is the President
of Human Business Works, a media and education company. He is one of the original Trust Agents, the title of a New York Times best-selling book he co-authored.

He’s one of the superstars of social media according to Forbes and Ad Age. We could go on and one but we’ll also just include that he’s one of our absolute favorite people.

He’s here to chat with us today about Google+ for Business, his latest book. Listen to this first of a three-part interview to discover:

  • what “human business” means
  • the three edges to the triangle of your community
  • why you need all three to make your business work
  • why small business owners and entrepreneurs should get on Google+
  • How “search + your world” will effect the way your business comes up in Google Search

Click a player to hear Chris talk with George & Mary-Lynn on The BIGG Success Show Podcast. (Show length 7:55)

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We highly recommend that you check out Chris’ work and get his book Google+ for Business.

Join us next time when Chris tells us why Google+ is “more open than Facebook, more deep than Twitter, more rounded than LinkedIn.”

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