Ask These Two Questions or Expect to Fail

ask these 2 questions for BIGG SuccessAn inquisitive nature is one of the secrets to BIGG success. But there are two questions which you can’t afford not to ask.

If you don’t ask these two questions, you can expect to fail. One of them will help you think bigger. The other one will help you move forward.

The question to think bigger

There’s a question children ask incessantly. They ask it so much that it can drive us adults absolutely crazy.

It’s a simple question but it packs of powerful punch. The question is:


Kids have a certain natural curiosity and a sense of wonderment about the world around them. It’s one of the secrets behind their creativity.

Yet we seem to lose it quickly. In fact, research shows that we lose most of our creativity by the time we leave the first grade.

We need to learn to ask “Why?” all over again. Only there’s not much to learn.

It’s more a state of being. But as adults, we have to begin with a state of consciousness.

We need to make asking “Why?” a habit. It won’t happen overnight. But you can develop this practice day by day.

What in your world demands asking “Why”?

The question to move forward

However, there’s another question which is just as important. In fact, it may be more important. Ask:

Why not?

What do you really want to do with your life? What’s holding you back?

Why not ask yourself “Why not”?

Why not go for it? Why not try? Why not just do it?

Why not stop regretting? Why not start living?

Why not give up the grind? Why not pursue your passions?

Most people are driven by fear. So ask yourself “Why not” so you really start to understand what you’re afraid of.

Many people tend to magnify the negative possibilities. They quickly get too scared to try to do anything to make their lives better.

People who reach BIGG success understand the negatives. They quickly work to minimize the negatives so they can take action without much risk.

Why not start living life on your own terms today? If you’re not sure where to start, maybe we can help.

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  1. David @ Build A Freelance Biz
    David @ Build A Freelance Biz says:

    Many people, probably most people at one time or another, fall into a type of thinking known as “Magnification” or “Catastrophizing”: Focusing on the worst possible outcome, however unlikely, or thinking that a situation is unbearable or impossible when it is really just uncomfortable. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaches ways to overcome this thinking “distortion”.

    Sometimes there are serious risks, but what most successful do, as you pointed out, is minimize the risks – sometimes ignoring real issues that should be cause for concern. A preferable alternative for those who don’t automatically minimize perceived risk, is to take deliberate steps to eliminate as much real risk as possible.

    When dealing with real risk, instead of either magnifying it (and getting scared) or minimizing it (and acting foolishly), seek to eliminate the unknown. Learn as much about what is real. This means getting very specific about what we are afraid of. Then devise strategies to prepare for the actual amount of risk you face. The enemy of fear is knowledge. It’s good for mental health and success in business.

  2. George & Mary-Lynn
    George & Mary-Lynn says:

    Great points about risk, David. Successful entrepreneurs are master risk mitigators. And we loved your quote “The enemy of fear is knowledge.” May be add: “And the enemy of worry is action!” Thanks for stopping by and sharing your knowledge!


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