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The Dirty Secret to Getting Rich

the secret to getting rich for BIGG SuccessWhat’s better than being debt-free? Large companies know the answer.

Large companies are already flush with cash. Yet they are borrowing money like crazy.

Why? Because they know a dirty secret to getting rich:

What’s better than debt-free? Hitting pay dirt with money that’s dirt cheap.

We are witnessing interest rates that most of us won’t see again in our lifetimes. So now may be the time to add to your long-term capital base.

As long as you’re strategic about it.

Ask people who lend to consumers and they’ll tell you that most people only think about the payment. And they borrow for the wrong things.

Entrepreneurs think differently. They realize that the “interest rate” is the cost of money. It’s the rent you pay until you return the lender’s money.

So why not lock in cheap rent for the long haul? Use the money to buy assets which throw off enough cash flow to service the debt and provide you with a nice return.

*Please note that this is general advice. You should speak with your professional advisors about your situation before you proceed.

But also note that we’ve already taken this advice. We recently did some strategic borrowing. So we’ve put other people’s money where our mouth is!

You may have to dig a little for it. But if you invest it to create more cash flow, it can lead to BIGG success!

What do you think? Is it better to be debt-free or are there times when it pays to borrow?

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