Chris Brogan on The Impact Equation

The Impact Equation Book Cover | BIGG SuccessWe were thrilled to chat with Chris Brogan on The BIGG Success Show today. Chris is a New York Times best-selling author and the President of Human Business Works, a media and education company.

We talked about his latest book, The Impact Equation. As with his first book Trust Agents, Julien Smith is Chris’ co-author.

Click a player to hear Chris talk with George & Mary-Lynn on The BIGG Success Show podcast (duration 7:08).

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Listen to the interview to discover:

  • what Chris is dreading most about his new podcast
  • how this book takes Trust Agents to the next level
  • the recipe for the perfect mix to have impact and be heard
  • the business you don’t know you’re in but is necessary for your core business
  • why “me-too-ism” prevents growth
  • how Contrast helps you make an impact
  • how a lawyer and Apple use Contrast

SPECIAL OFFER: Chris and Julien have some extra goodies if you order their book before it releases on October 25, 2012. So between now and then, check them out here and here.

Chris also had some nice things to say about you, the members of our community. So check out the show, get the book and start making a BIGG impact!

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