Shine the Light on Your Vision to Be a Success



Let your vision light the way to BIGG Success

Three men were set loose in the Sahara desert from separate locations. Two of them navigated by day while the third walked at night.

The two men did not walk in circles. The third did.

In this study, the researchers found that the sun made all the difference. Even though the third man had a full moon, it didn’t provide the same guidance as the sun.

BIGG success is life on your own terms. Your vision of that life is your sun.

Bask in its warmth. Let it light your way.

There will be cloudy days. But unlike with the weather – in your life – you and you alone are in full control over whether or not you let the sun shine.

Let it shine for your BIGG success!

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  1. Chimozi Tembo
    Chimozi Tembo says:

    This was a biased research.what if the third man had poor navigation skills even during the daytime? The best would have been to conduct it with all three men set in the desert during daytime and repeat during the night then compare. But I truly get your point.


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