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Santa’s 4 Secrets to Success as an Entrepreneur

Santa Claus is coming to town! And he’s holding a workshop on his four secrets to success as an entrepreneur. Here’s what he’s going to talk about:

The miracle of a list

Why does Santa make a list? To make sure he never forgets anyone. Take a note from Santa – a short list is better than a long memory.

The miracle of a second look

Santa doesn’t just make a list. He checks it twice. He wants to make absolutely certain he doesn’t forget about anyone.

The miracle of rewards

Santa is no softie. If you’ve been naughty, he’ll let you know. But if you’ve been nice, he’ll treat you especially well.

The miracle of a due date

Santa runs the biggest project in the world. And his key to getting it done is a simple one – he sets a due date.

Then he lets nothing stand in the way of delivering the goods on time. That’s why he’s a BIGG success.

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