Chubby Checker and a twist on Entrepreneurship | BIGG Success

3 Secrets for Entrepreneurial Success With a Twist

Chubby Checker and a twist on Entrepreneurship | BIGG Success

What can entrepreneurs learn about success from The Twist?

So here’s our BIGG twist on The Twist – three secrets for entrepreneurial success from this great song:

Make it simple

Chubby Checker knows the source of the magic behind the song:

“You didn’t have to be a great dancer to do the Twist. All you needed to do was a few steps, a little imagination, and you were home.”

All anyone had to do was see somebody doing the Twist. They knew they could do it! Young or old, rich or poor – everybody could twist.

How can you get your BIGG idea to go viral? Make it simple!

Make it so simple that people can run with it because they…

  • understand it intuitively
  • realize how simple it is
  • can start with few if any instructions

When you hit these criteria, people get behind your idea which gets more people behind your idea which…well, you see where we’re going – BIGG success as an entrepreneur!

Marketing makes all the difference

We didn’t know this – The Twist was not a Chubby Checker original. He covered it. It was originally sung by Hank Ballard. So why did Chubby Checker become famous with the song? One word: marketing. He showcased the song on The Clay Cole Show and Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. This publicity rocketed him to the top of the charts!

If you have a great product, don’t keep it a secret.

That’s the BIGG lesson for us entrepreneurs here: Stop shutting up!

  • Don’t let shyness keep you from reaching out to people.
  • Don’t let humility stop you from proudly helping more people.
  • Don’t let your comfort zone box you in.

It pays to have critics

Okay, this one is kind of an aside. But it still caught our attention. And we liked having three secrets for entrepreneurial success instead of two! It pays to have critics – maybe even powerful ones, like the President of the United States. Dwight Eisenhower commented that he thought The Twist changed “our concepts of beauty and decency and morality.”

The right critics will help you reach BIGG success faster.

Critics are valuable:

  • They keep you on your toes
  • They provide fuel for your fire
  • They may give you credibility
  • They ignite your followers

So think about who your critics are or might be. And don’t worry if one – even a powerful one shows up. They may just insure your BIGG success! What do you think it takes to start a craze?