Reinvent yourself for BIGG Success

How To Reinvent Yourself in Today’s Fast Changing World

Reinvent yourself for BIGG Success

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We recently attended a party for a colleague who celebrated 35 years working for the same company. And during the event, even he said most people don’t experience work anniversaries like this anymore. And how many of us believe the work trends will take us back to that? Not many.

It used to be that you could settle on a career path, find a company you like, and work until retirement. But today, between the economy and disruptive technology, job security is a thing of the past. We have to be nimble, pay attention to industry trends, and be ready to shift.
We talked about this subject with Heidi Harris on the America Weekend talk radio show. She wanted to know what are the biggest questions we get from people when we help them build their success by teaching them entrepreneurship and how to reinvent themselves.

[Mary-Lynn] I’ve been through this process myself, moving from the only career I knew (radio broadcasting) to becoming a new media expert and entrepreneurship coach.

[George] And I’ve been thought this process owning a number of real-world businesses throughout my life, and now owning an online business that teaches entrepreneurship.

One of the biggest questions we get asked (and had to ask ourselves), is where do I start? When you have years of experience in a particular field, and you’re trying to build expertise in another…how can you get going and quickly? First, dive into the “3 Knows:”

1. Write down what you know
2. Know what you want and don’t want
3. Learn what you need to know

Write Down What You Know

[Mary-Lynn] We tend to narrowly define our skills by our job title. For example, I was an on-air personality in radio. By that definition, my skill was that I could talk on the radio. But when I really looked at all I did behind the scenes from helping businesses craft their message, to participating in public events, my skill set included: copywriting, marketing, public relations, customer service, etc.

So be sure to look at all the skills you’ve acquired with the work you’ve done. There’s probably a lot more there than you’re giving yourself credit for.

Know What You Want and Don’t Want

Do some soul-searching and make a list. What kind of work do you want to do? What kind of work do you dislike the most? Additionally, consider taking an assessment test to find out what your strengths are. Make sure to ask colleagues, friends and family what they think your strengths are too because sometimes we’ll overlook good things about ourselves.

Know What You Need to Learn

After digging deep to look at all of your skills, your preferences, and your strengths, you’ll have a clearer picture of where you want to go. So now you know what you need to learn.

[Mary-Lynn] For me, I knew I needed to learn about website building and new media to get our business, BIGG Success online. I took a class on HTML/CSS over a summer at our community college. I found resources online to start learning more about websites and new media. And we attended a conference on new media where wonderful people shared resources and answers to our questions.

You may learn that you need to take a class, reach out to someone in your network, attend a conference, work with a coach, or find part-time work in your new area of interest.

The bottom line is that the information you accumulate with the “3 knows” helps you take your next step – which gets you walking on the path to making more money and living a more fulfilled life on your own terms. That’s BIGG Success!

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