a father can have it all

How to Have It All

a father can have it all

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Over the weekend, we caught a great show on National Geographic Wild called Swamp of the Baboons.

It’s about a baboon family in Botswana and its alpha male Boro. With Father’s Day just around the corner, we noted something interesting about Boro:

As long as he was the alpha male, he didn’t tend to his kids. But then he broke a leg and another male took over the helm. All of a sudden, Boro made time for his young ones.

Sometimes, we humans behave like baboons!

We often neglect family and other important priorities until something bad happens. Then we’re all about them.

But a recent study by Accenture called Defining Success shows we’re learning.

Before we get into it, we’ll make a generality:

  • For some time, women have wanted to bring home the bacon AND cook up a great life at home too.
  • Men seemed pretty content focusing on bringing home the bacon. But that has changed – more and more men want to “have it all” too.
  • The study shows seventy percent of men and women believe they can do just that.

BIGG Success is life on your own terms. By definition, that means having it all.

We help people make more money while working less. It’s about finding the perfect life blend for you.

So how can you have it all? Here are three tips:

1) Focus on value, not reward
Studies show that we humans tend to prefer short-term rewards, even if the long-term rewards are more valuable.

It’s important to understand this inherent evolutionary bias. Otherwise, you’ll always go for the short-term.

The result? You’ll get divorced, raise bad children and go to jail.

The problem is our work often delivers immediate gratification. So we spend time working rather than with family, where the results are less immediate and less tangible.

So how can you program your brain to not just think short-term?

Bring the future back to now!

How do you do that? Through visualization.

Picture the value of time spent with your spouse and kids, your mom and dad, and other loved ones.

See yourself talking with them in the future about the memories you create today. Watch it as if it were a movie.

Only don’t just use your sense of sight. Get your other senses involved as well.

More importantly, feel the emotions you will feel if you make time for your family today.

2) Ebb and flow
Stop striving for work-life balance. It’s a recipe for disappointment, guilt and stress.

At times, work will demand your attention. Go with it.

At other times, personal demands will take over. Attend to them.

3) Communicate constantly
The key to everything we’ve talked about so far is communication. Maintain an open dialogue with all the important people in your life all the time.

Then you can flow back and forth as needed and they’ll understand. And you’ll have it all! That’s BIGG success!

Do you have it all? How do you do it?

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