The entrepreneur hero

Why This Entrepreneur is a Hero in More Ways Than One

The entrepreneur hero

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It’s a story that went viral: Batman and Captain America saved a kitten from a burning home. We’ll tell you more about that, plus how this superhero story has some great inspiration for entrepreneurs.

The Superhero

John Buckland, dressed as Batman, and Troy Marcum, dressed as Captain America, were the entertainment at a children’s event in Milton, West Virginia when they noticed smoke coming from a house nearby.

They went into true superhero mode as they rushed to the house to make sure no one was inside. Then Buckland, a former fireman, broke out a window so some smoke could escape. As he looked down, he saw something small and furry on the floor…a kitten! He pulled it out of the burning home. The kitten survived!

An Entrepreneurial Hero

How did this former firefighter turned Batman come to be at the right place at the right time to help this cat and its 9, make that 8 lives? John Buckland was a career firefighter for many years before he got the call to serve in Iraq, which he did for two years. When his tour of duty was over, he couldn’t find work in the profession he loved.

He put his entrepreneurial cap on. When he worked for the Fire Service, one of his favorite things about it was teaching classes to children about safety. Children inspired him, and he felt passionate about doing all he could to help them.

An idea was born: Why not have heroes deliver positive messages that show kids how to take on the challenges they’ll face while growing up? Why not provide them with the tools they’ll need to make good choices so they can be heroes in their community? That’s exactly what Heroes 4 Higher does, for parties, school events, and more.

A Branding Hero

Thank goodness John Buckland had a great name for his business and a website because from countless newswires, newscasts, blogs, and social shares, this story was everywhere! In just a few days, the name of his small business was known around the world!

While most of us will never run to a burning house and save a kitten, you just never know when unexpected publicity will come your way. Is your business ready for that? Will people be able to find you and learn more about your story?

We sure are glad we were able to learn more about John. Not only did he save a kitten, but this entrepreneur’s passion is making our world a better place. What a hero!

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