7 Days to Better Time Management

Found Time-7 Days to Achieve More Without Working More

Master the art of time management in just 7 days! George & Mary-Lynn tell you more below, and on The BIGG Success Show Podcast. Click play.

Are you a reader or a doer? Of course, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. However, there’s an interesting phenomenon in our hyper-busy world.

We read books. We file them away, physically or virtually. We forget about them.

We search. We bookmark posts. We never go back.

We check our inbox. We stash emails away. We lose track of them.

Sound familiar?

The New York Times rang in the New Year with an interesting post, The Unending Anxiety of an ICYMI world. (In case you’re wondering, ICYMI stands for “in case you missed it.”)

The author of the NYT piece says, “While the extended phrase has been used in conversation for a long time, the shorthand betrays an anxiety central to the Internet epoch. There is simply too much readable, viewable and listenable data for anyone to stay abreast of.”

Information is useless, unless it’s converted to knowledge.
And knowledge is wasted until it’s applied.

But that’s hard to do with a constant stream of information. What is one to do?

We have the answer. We call it the 7 Days, 7 Minutes series.

Would you commit a minute a day, for a week, to form a new habit critical to your BIGG success?

Since we designed this series to help you build new habits in no time, it seemd only appropriate to make our first installment about time management. It’s called Found Time: 7 Days to Achieve More Without Working More.

Each day, you quickly gain an insight about managing your time better. Then we tell you how to swiftly put your newfound knowledge to use so you truly start accomplishing more, without working more.

All you have to do is dedicate a minute a day and follow the prompts! Simple, yet highly effective.

Imagine hitting your deadlines. Reaching your goals. Enjoying your evenings and weekends. You’re only 7 days away from being able to do all these things and more.

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