Maximize Your Potential


Hear our conversation with elite athlete Josh George on The BIGG Success Show podcast. Press the player to listen.

When we think about maximizing your potential, Josh George comes to mind. So we were so excited to talk with him on The BIGG Success Show today. Josh is a Gold medal winner, world champion, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

In addition, he’s a member of the 2016 Rio Summer Paralympics Racing Team for Team USA. Josh was also featured in an ad by BMW which ran during the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics.

Listen to our conversation with Josh to discover:

  • how Josh’s training changes for the Paralympics
  • what changes psychologically in events when he is the “medal favorite”
  • how much of competing is mental and how much is physical
  • how to manage setbacks
  • how it felt to be in the BMW ad
  • how BMW is breaking stereotypes with Josh’s help
  • how to maximize your potential and overcome limitations

We thank Josh for taking time to chat with us. Follow Josh on Twitter and his hashtag – #maximizeyourpotential – so you can watch him race. We know you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks for listening! Until we “meet” again, here’s to your BIGG success!

– George & Mary-Lynn

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