Beyond Personal Finance to Personal Entrepreneurship

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Personal finance advice is everywhere. We want to introduce you to personal entrepreneurship. It goes beyond personal finance. Here’s the backstory…

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We announced a fun change on The BIGG Success Show today: We’re “The Professor and Mary-Lynn.” Listen to the show to get the full flavor. It highlights our new direction – which is really a return to our roots.

We help you understand the entrepreneurial mindset. It’s not just for business owners. It’s a way of thinking which will help you:

  • take control of your personal finances
  • bring more meaning to your work
  • feel confident you’re making the best decisions
  • stand out in your field so you advance in your career
  • have more time for the people and things most important to you
  • create a legacy
  • be truly happy

By bringing personal entrepreneurship to personal finance, we help you feel less stressed about work and money. You’ll discover how to create your own personal economy, so you don’t worry about the future.

[Mary-Lynn] George – a.k.a. “The Professor” – is a serial entrepreneur who also teaches Entrepreneurial Finance at our favorite college, the University of Illinois.

[George] And Mary-Lynn – also known as “Mary-Lynn” (I couldn’t resist) – brings her corporate experience as a radio show host along with nearly ten years of living the entrepreneurial life and helping others do the same. I’ve learned a lot from watching her develop over the last ten years.

With this new direction, we can share more of what we’ve learned from doing it and teaching it, so you can apply it to your life, career, and business (if you own one). There’s a lot to come. So stay tuned!

Entrepreneurship for Life

There’s personal finance and business finance. Traditionally, entrepreneurship has been thought to be part of the latter category.

We find that limiting. Entrepreneurship is not just an occupation. It’s a way of thinking and living. We call it personal entrepreneurship.

You’re the owner of a very special enterprise – your life. Life is a business. You own it. You’re the entrepreneur in charge.

The entrepreneurial mindset will help you manage risk better, do more with less, and reap more rewards from your efforts.

From Personal Finance to Personal Entrepreneurship

Personal finance can help you find financial freedom in the long run. Personal entrepreneurship can help you get there faster. (Although, we must emphasize – it is NOT get-rich-quick).

With that background, here are three reasons to go beyond a purely personal finance point-of-view to adopt a personal entrepreneurial mindset:

1) Personal entrepreneurship is holistic

Your life is a business. Personal finance sees you as the CFO.

But who’s running the show if you’re the CFO?

Personal entrepreneurship sees you as the owner. You may wear “the CFO hat” at times. Entrepreneurs wear many hats.

You have to juggle them all. That’s why it’s challenging.

And that’s why thinking like an entrepreneur is so important – it gives you more control because you live your life holistically.

2) All expenditures are investments

Personal finance focuses on spending. Personal entrepreneurs don’t spend money; they invest it. Every single outlay is made with an eye on how much satisfaction it returns.

For example – by thinking beyond the impulse of the moment, you’re able to balance the inevitable tradeoffs between immediate gratification and long-term happiness.

3) Entrepreneurs focus on growing their income

Personal finance often focuses heavily on spending less. However, personal entrepreneurs know you can only cut so much.

Then it starts to hurt. You feel less joy, less energy, and less satisfaction with life. Everything’s harder.

Personal entrepreneurs also keep an eye on costs. But they know that, in the long run, they’re better off growing their income. And we have a free cheat sheet to help you do just that…

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Here’s to your BIGG success!

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