George and Mary-Lynn are fingerspelling the numbers 1 and 2 with the blog post title: Celebrating 12 Years of BIGG Success

Celebrating 12 Years of BIGG Success

George and Mary-Lynn are fingerspelling the numbers 1 and 2 with the blog post title: Celebrating 12 Years of BIGG Success

Our first podcast went live on November 12, 2007. Today, we celebrate 12 years of BIGG Success by answering some of the most common questions we get asked.

Today’s special podcast is a celebration of the 12 years of BIGG Success! In this 12th anniversary episode, we reveal some of the most common questions we get, give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we work together, and share some things from the heart that you’ve never heard before.

Here’s a summary of our conversation on The BIGG Success Show

Why did we start BIGG Success?

We were in the same place many of our coaching clients are in.

[George] I sold my businesses and started thinking about the next phase of my life. My encore career, so to speak.

[Mary-Lynn] I was a radio show host. Technology had both changed my industry and created new opportunities. It was time to make a change.

Yes, change creates opportunities. But it also comes with uncertainty and even turmoil. That’s why so many people hate change. Entrepreneurially-minded people realize change is where the growth is. We capitalized on it.

How can a married couple work together in peace?

By knowing our place! Seriously, we don’t bump into each other too often because we have clearly defined our roles.

More importantly, we share a vision and values. As professionals, we want to empower people. This desire existed way before the launch of BIGG success.

[George] As a business owner, my favorite thing was staff meetings. I loved seeing our people growing personally and professional from our discussions. I also teach Entrepreneurial Finance at the University of Illinois. I love seeing the light bulb flip on in my students’ minds. BIGG Success gives me all of this.

[Mary-Lynn] On my radio show, I loved interviewing inspiring people and showcasing local people who were making a difference. BIGG Success allows me to talk with some of the biggest thinkers in the world! I get to bring these people to the good people in the BIGG Success community.

We also love working together for personal reasons. What could be better than spending your days with your best friend? Over these past 12 years, we’ve had the opportunity to work together, travel together, and grow together!

12 years of BIGG Success - George and Mary-Lynn hold their birthday cake

Why are there 2 G’s in BIGG Success?

This is one of the most popular questions we get asked and for the very first time in 12 years, we are giving the full answer here.

BIGG is an acronym:

Giving Back

Our community is made up of BIGG goal-getters who believe that they can and will change the world – or at least their corner of it – by implementing their BIGG ideas. They don’t just set goals – they get goals. As they do, they give back some of their personal gain.

What is the mission of BIGG Success?

Helping good people have more money to do more good.

We don’t want bad people to have more money because they’ll do more bad!

As we searched for our “Why” – our purpose, our mission – we discussed how much better our world would be if good people had more money.

Because good people want to provide better opportunities for their families.

Good people lift-up those in their community who are under-served.

Good people want to lend a helping hand.

Good people see something wrong and want to find a way to fix it.

Good people want to change the world for good.

Good people lead from the heart.

Good people inspire others to do good.

It creates a lasting effect.

We help good people do these things through our coaching services and e-learning programs. We help our clients remove the fog, so they can clearly see the best path forward for personal, professional, financial, and business success, while changing the world for good.

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Who belongs in the BIGG Success community?

People who feel stuck and stifled.

Those who are experiencing inspirational dissatisfaction and aren’t willing to settle for the status quo.

People who are overwhelmed and underestimated.

People who know they could do BIGG things – if only they were given a chance.

People who feel called and driven to a higher purpose. Some know what their calling is. Some are trying to find it. Some are working towards their calling right now. Some feel stuck and are trying to find a way to get there.

When their path is clear, we help the members of our community move forward faster. Even when the path is not clear, we still help them find a way to move forward. We do this by nurturing their inner entrepreneur. We call it “entreprenurturing”.

Entrepreneurs are able to move forward, even in times of uncertainty, volatility, and chaos. And despite popular opinion, they do so without taking huge risks. We help you think like an entrepreneur – even if you never intend to be a professional entrepreneur. Looking at the world through the eyes of a personal entrepreneur, you’ll discover how to create the future you’ve always dreamed of – a future full of freedom and fulfillment.

How do you define BIGG success?

The definition of success is woefully inadequate. Search for “definition of success” and the first result says “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”.

So – according to the top definition of success – if you aim to rob a bank, and then you do it, you are a success.

We couldn’t disagree more! It’s the reason we felt the need to go beyond “success”, to “BIGG success”.

BIGG success is not just about getting more money. It’s about doing good things with that money.

It’s not just about having more time. It’s about making the best use of that time.

It’s about adding value in the lives of others, and in doing so, creating value for yourself.

BIGG success is inner peace which flows from three sources:
1) finding and fulfilling your calling
2) striving daily to reach your full potential
3) staying true to your vision and values


What are the five elements of BIGG success?

The five elements of BIGG success are money, time, growth, work, and play.

Money and time are our two resources.

Work and play are our two opportunities.

Growth is the bridge between them. Growth creates resources from opportunities.

What’s the BIGG idea behind BIGG success?

The BIGG idea behind BIGG success is synergy. We are trained to think that everything is a trade-off. BIGG goal-getters don’t accept that as gospel.

They don’t buy into the “this-OR-that” mindset. They try to find the “this-AND-that” solution. For example, BIGG goal-getters believe you can enjoy life more now AND later.

Entrepreneurs don’t accept conventional thinking. At BIGG Success, we bring entrepreneurship to life.

It’s personal entrepreneurship. It goes beyond personal finance. It’s bigger picture than personal branding.

You aren’t the CFO or the CMO or even the CEO. You’re the owner. Your household is like a small business. Your life is an enterprise. You guide it where you want to go.

You create your future. Our future is helping good people like you do that easier, faster, and more profitably. So you fulfill your calling and live up to your full potential. So you find freedom and fulfillment. So you can do even more good. That’s BIGG success!

Join us!

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From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for the support and encouragement these past 12 years.

Here’s to your BIGG success!

George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
signatures: George & Mary-Lynn
Co-Founders, BIGG Success

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