Personal Leadership in 5 Easy Steps

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Personal leadership is a long journey into your own soul. Discover five steps which will lead you to a more rewarding life.

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We discuss personal leadership on The BIGG Success Show. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

Your True North

We’re thinking about Christmas this time of year. One of the things we think about with that is the Star of Bethlehem. In the story of the birth of a newborn king, the wise men were guided by a bright star in the sky.

This Star of Bethlehem brought to mind the North Star, and that reminded us of Discover Your True North*, the wonderful book by Bill George.

In the book, true north is your destination, your BIGG goal. If your destination is BIGG success – Believing, Implementing, Goal-getting, Giving back success – you must be guided by a constant light. The light comes from your star.

Keep your eyes firmly fixed on it, even though it seems distant. When things get difficult, the sight of the star will help you keep pressing on the path set forward for you. It will keep you going true north.

Personal leadership

This is personal leadership. Even if you never plan to lead others, even if you don’t want to be a leader in an organization, or you aren’t, or even if you are, in all cases – you have to lead yourself. If you don’t, you’re like a teeny, tiny, little boat way out in the middle of the ocean. A boat that’s lost its motor. You can’t control where you go. You just drift. And hope a large wave doesn’t capsize you.

Now if you’re a regular here (and even if you’re not, you’ll soon get used to hearing us say this), we bring entrepreneurship to life. We call it personal entrepreneurship, and personal leadership is a part of that.

Personal leadership vs. Personal entrepreneurship

The difference is – personal leadership, as most people discuss it, looks at you as if you are the leader of a department in an organization. We don’t think so! You aren’t a leader of an enterprise. You own the enterprise! Your life is your enterprise and you own it lock, stock, and barrel. It’s 100% yours.

But, of course, organizations rise and fall on the strengths, or weaknesses, of their leaders. Similarly, we as individuals, rise or fall on our personal leadership abilities.

Personal leaders are made, not born

As personal entrepreneurs wanting to improve our personal leadership skills, we can learn from the executives profiled in the book we referenced earlier, Discover Your True North. It’s clear that authentic leaders lead with their heads and their hearts. This helps them keep on course, in spite of pressures and temptations before them.

According to the author, leaders are made from life experiences where they discover their passion, which provides the motivation they need to effectively lead.

So keep this in mind…when you combine your passion with your strengths, you find that sweet spot that makes you much more likely to succeed.

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5 Easy Steps to Holistic Personal Leadership

Personal leadership is a journey into your own soul. How can you be a holistic personal leader? Just take these five easy steps.

1) Know yourself

This is the starting point. Discover your strengths and weaknesses. Seek objective feedback from others. Find your passion and your purpose.

2) Practice your values and principles

How do you want to be treated? Treat others just like that. The golden rule is really just leading by example. You reap what you sow. People are attracted to authenticity, to real people – people who live the values and principles that they preach. Every day.

3) Discover what motivates you

Personal leaders want to make a difference. They enjoy pushing themselves to their limits. They want an occupation they are passionate about. Getting rich is a by-product of their success, not the driver of it.

4) Build a support team

The world is too complex to go it alone. You have to develop a team. People who complement your strengths, but who share your passion and core values. For a personal leader, this obviously includes your spouse (if you have one). It may also be your family. More and more people today also see value in hiring a coach. As your wealth grows, your support team may grow as well – an insurance broker, a tax expert, an attorney, and a financial advisor, to name a few.

5) Create a balanced life

Balance is important, even for busy personal leaders. You must schedule time with family and friends. Make time for yourself – for exercise, a hobby, or whatever catches your fancy. Give back to your community. Balance gives you fresh perspectives that you can bring into your workplace to solve problems.

Follow these five steps to lead yourself on the path to more meaning and fulfillment. It leads to BIGG success!

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Here’s to your BIGG success!

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