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Selfless Marketing

Ironically, selfless marketing often benefits the giver as much as the receiver. We share an example of this phenomenon from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We discussed a living example of selfless marketing on The BIGG Success Show.  You can watch or listen to the interview by clicking the players above. Here’s a summary of our discussion.

Our mission at BIGG success is to help good people have more money so they can do more good. And today, we bring you a Good News Story.

You’ve seen it in the movie The Miracle on 34th Street*. Macy’s Santa sent the mother of a son who wanted a fire truck to the competition, because Macy’s was sold out.

Sounds great for Hollywood. But that can’t possibly work in the real world. Right?

Our guest says differently. JJ Williams is the Director of Operations at Kiona Vineyards. On the winery’s blog, he recommended his customers buy from one of his local competitors.

Why selfless marketing? Why steer customers to your competition?


JJ’s grandfather started their winery 45 years ago. They’re larger than most of their competitors. They have multiple distribution channels, including selling to stores in 42 states.

Their local competitors largely sell direct-to-the-consumer through tastings. The pandemic has shut that business down. JJ used his influence with his customers to help his fellow vintners.

He believes that, ultimately, he’s better off with more competitors in the area, all touting the virtues of Red Mountain wine, than he would be with less competition.

The two of believe that this is what selfless marketing is all about. It’s reminiscent of a time when more businesses were small businesses. The community supported the small businesses. And the small businesses supported the community in ways we don’t typically see large companies do.

Let’s hope this pandemic gives us all pause to think about the way we do business. There’s more than one way to get back to a business environment which combines the best of then and now.

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What advice do you have for marketing online?


JJ says we’re in the “personalization economy”. Customers want to know that you value them. For example, JJ often includes a hand-written note to customers when they order direct from his winery.

What would you suggest to a person who wants to start a winery?


Have patience – especially if you’re farming. You’re looking at a decade between deciding you’re going to plant a vineyard and a sellable product.

It’s important to scale. Instead of going it all alone, you can go to a custom wine-making facility. They provide expertise. You can rent their facility. So you can come to market fairly quickly.

One final note: Since JJ’s selfless blog post, he has been getting press.

Kiona Vineyards makes headlines Inc and Oregonian Live

It turns out that selfless marketing often benefits the giver as well as the receiver.

We thank JJ for sharing his Good News Story with us. And a BIGG salute to our friend, and his cousin, Jon Rector, for connecting us to JJ.

Here’s to your BIGG success!
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