4 Steps to Ride the Waves of Change

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Change is constant. You have a choice: Let the waves of change smack you in the face or ride the waves of change to BIGG success!

We discuss how to manage personal, professional, and financial change on The BIGG Success Show today. Here’s a summary of that discussion.

Ben Franklin said, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.”

Isn’t it comforting to know that nothing has changed?

Ol’ Ben’s quote subtly hints that going forward, you can be certain that things will change.

The question is: are you leading change in your life or is it leading you?

As technology continues to develop, change is occurring more and more rapidly. Isn’t it safe to assume that, in the future, this will continue?

You have a choice to make.

You either develop the skills to anticipate change – so you get ahead of it, …

… or you just respond to it – after the pain becomes too great to do anything else.

Hopefully, you’ll see that the first choice is the best choice. After all, you’re a BIGG goal-getter (or want to become one), right?

You have to ride the waves of change!

Here are four things you should evaluate to prepare for your ride.

1) Understand your risk tolerance

With risk comes reward. Studies of wealthy people show that they take more risk, on average, than people who aren’t wealthy.

Some people are so risk-averse that they do nothing risky at all. Unknowingly, they may be taking the biggest risk of all in today’s rapidly-changing world!

The key to managing risk is to stay steady and ride the waves of change, because making a sudden move can result in a wipe-out!

2) Test your perceptions

As we grow older, we develop a point-of-view based on our past experiences.

We put our hands on a hot stove. It hurts! So we don’t do it again. We learned our lesson.

Sometimes, though, we take the wrong lesson away. We get out of our comfort zone and get burned. So we don’t test ourselves anymore. That’s a dangerous attitude today!

Maybe you’ve been thrown off your surfboard before. Get back on!

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3) Look for trends in the waves of change

There are fads and there are trends. Fads come and go. Don’t worry about them. Trends are long-term. You need to get on board with them.

What will affect your future income? Something will – for good or for bad! Is it a short-term phenomenon? Or is it likely to continue?

You can position yourself properly by seeing the waves of change coming. What opportunities will be created? What skills will be important? Do you have them? Can you get them?

Study your industry and be patient. Picking the right waves takes less energy and offers the longest ride!

4) Don’t expect perfection

If you take risk and try to get on the forefront of trends, you’re going to make mistakes. Expect them! Celebrate them!

The key, though, is to learn from them. Think about it – you’re gaining valuable knowledge while most other people are still on the beach. You’re even further ahead!

You can embrace change or you can begrudge it. You only have one life to live. Why not find a BIGG wave and take the ride of your life to BIGG success?

Here’s to your BIGG success!
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George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
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