Image of woman looking hopeful with the blog title:How to Stay Optimistic in Pessimistic Times

5 Ways to Stay Optimistic in Pessimistic Times

Image of woman looking hopeful with the blog title:How to Stay Optimistic in Pessimistic Times

As the pandemic continues to impact our lifestyles and businesses, it’s getting harder to stay optimistic. Here are 5 ways to stay positive.

On the BIGG success Show hear us share the strategies we are using to stay optimistic during these pessimistic times. Here’s a a summary of that discussion…

We’ve seen posts from friends, and we’ve talked with entrepreneurs who are down and out.

The pandemic continues to wear on, in addition to social unrest, a severe economic downturn, political and social strife, a major energy crisis in our biggest energy state… all hitting us all at once.

How do we rise above the struggles and negativity, and stay optimistic and hopeful for the future?

1) Watch Your Language

The way you talk to yourself is so important.

Talk to yourself like you would you best friend. Love your neighbor as yourself – which means loving yourself at an equal level.

And in podcast #744 “10 Ways to be More Confident” we mention the importance of success talk. Statements like “I can’t” drain your energy, leaving you feeling hopeless. Saying “I can” is empowering and gives you energy.

In the podcast, George shares the “should > can > will” exercise. Hear it starting at 3:50.

2) Keep Up the Fight

So many business owners have taken some big financial hits. I mean many small business owners have put in years of blood sweat and tears, only to be thrust backwards – and there’s still uncertainty. So how we suggest they stay optimistic despite the setbacks?

We think of the movie, Tucker. Preston Tucker was an engineer / entrepreneur who always wanted to make cars. He saw an opportunity right after World War II.

He designed a car with unique features. For example, the headlights in his car rotated with the steering wheel, so you could see the curved road ahead of you or the street you were turning onto. The glass in his front windshield wouldn’t shatter, so passengers wouldn’t get cut up in an accident.

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, the major auto manufacturers lobbied their friends in Washington. Tucker was charged with violating securities laws.

At the end of the movie, Tucker had lost his car company. But he wasn’t focused on that. He was excited about something else he had designed. The entrepreneurial spirit lived on!

It’s easy to get mired down in the muck. But BIGG success comes to those who find a way to keep moving – even when that means moving on.

3) Expose Yourself to More Positivity

About-BIGG-Success-Mary-Lynn-FosterMany of our friends and colleagues are spending less time on social media and watching the news less. It’s good to limit your time in places where you are finding too much negativity.

Be around positive people as much as you can. Can’t meet in person? Use Zoom, make an old-fashioned phone call, find a group on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Also, find positive publications to read, and uplifting podcasts (like this one!) to listen to, for a boost of energy.

4) Dream and Scheme

George shares a technique he uses to overcome negativity in a recent blog post for business advisor, Carol Roth, called: “Positive Mindset Tips for Small Business.”

“When I feel myself turning negative, I mentally retreat and engage in what I call “dreaming and scheming.” I focus on the future. I remind myself of my personal vision and mission. I stop focusing exclusively on the current state of things. I think about the next phase and the impact it will make. I think about possibilities and opportunities. I give myself a few minutes or a few hours to detoxify and replenish myself. Then I get back to work, fully motivated to press on.”

And just to note, he is talking about BIGG Success. We’re giving you a peek behind the scenes to know that there are times when we feel down about our prospects.

About-BIGG-Success-George-KruegerEntrepreneurship is a manic depressive kind of thing, right? I have experienced highs and minutes later been in a low because of one piece of news that hits my desk.

But if you need to escape for a little while – refresh your soul with what you’re doing here, what you’re called to do, and the people that you’re called to do this for. Then you’re going to feel that spirit rising, and that’s what you’re really looking for. It’s a great way for you to maintain your optimism, even in times of pessimism.

5. Maintain Focus

At BIGG Success, we help people find their focus, and maintaining focus is very important.

There’s nothing wrong with worrying a little bit. But if worrying becomes more than about 10% of your thought process, you’ve probably got a problem.

In Podcast episode 1012, “3 Ways to Endure Tough Times,” we talk about that more. By taking action on something – even if it’s only a small something – your mind will start focusing on what you’re doing, so you don’t have time to worry!

Counter worry by focusing on something that’s going to move you forward.

George shares a story from when he played high school football that illustrates how worry can impact your outcome. Hear it starting at 14:47.

Bonus tip: Believe!

We hope that the tips we’ve shared will help you stay optimistic even in pessimistic times and if you have some to share with us, feel free to send us your ideas and your thoughts.

We’ll leave you with one more thought.

The B in BIGG Success stands for believing. BIGG is Believing, Implementing, Goal-getting, Giving-back success. But believing isn’t the starting point. Actually, it’s hope. You have to foster hope because that helps you believe, and keep a positive mindset, to stay optimistic for the future. That leads to BIGG Success.

Here’s to your BIGG success!

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