3 Steps to Cure If-Only-Itis

3 steps to cure if-only-itis

If-only-itis is an unhealthy state of mind. This type of thinking can impact your present and future if you don’t put a stop to it fast!

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Cambridge Dictionary says, “we use if only to express a strong wish that things could be different. It means the same as I wish but is stronger.”

Common examples include: if only I’d gone to college, gotten a different degree, taken that job, etc.

If-only-itis involves telling ourselves our outcome would be better if we’d made different choices. You may be right. But so what? Successful people start where they are, and work towards something new, better, bigger,  or closer to the vision for their life. That’s what we all have to do as BIGG goal-getters.

It also provides and excuse to do nothing, because after all…you already made the wrong choice and have live with the decision, right? WRONG!

Let’s go to The Professor’s Whiteboard for 3 steps to cure if-only-itis.

3 steps to cure if-only-itis whiteboard

  1. Explore the possibilities

Instead of saying if only, how about if we start saying what if? Now be careful because what if can  kind of be like a cousin to if only. But if you use it the right why, what if can be a question that opens possibilities.

For example, if you are regretting you didn’t get a college degree, ask yourself what if I went back and got my college degree now?

You are now bringing the power away from the past, into the present. And that’s the key critical first step.

  1. Examine the fit

After you’ve asked yourself what if I get a college degree now? The next question to ask yourself is why is this so important?

If this goal no longer fits with your life plan,  quit hanging on to it and letting it weigh you down. If you find this goal does fit with your vision and mission, by all means continue to pursue it.

George shares how examining the fit made him go back to college after dropping out. Hear the story starting at 5:07.

  1. Propel yourself forward

You’ve asked,”What if  I go after this goal now, and why is  it important?” Now for the last question, which is, “Why not?

Answer that little voice in your head that says you can’t go back to school or you can’t change your job.  Why not? Why can’t you get that degree or go after that new position?

Answering this question motivates you to take control of if-only-itis and start taking action. It leads to BIGG success!

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George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
Co-Founders, BIGG Success

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