3 Lessons From the Little Drummer Boy

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We love to highlight songs that offer lessons and today’s is a holiday favorite, The Little Drummer Boy.

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Here’s a quick review of the story…

The little drummer boy was invited to go on a journey.
Not just any journey. He was invited to come and see a newborn king.
How excited the little drummer boy must have been!
But the tide quickly turned…

Everyone else brought a gift (their FINEST gift).
Everyone else honored the king with this gift.
But the little drummer boy didn’t have a gift.
Not a single person who invited him had said: “Be sure to bring a gift.”
He never stopped and thought about it. “Oh, it must be custom to bring a gift, especially to such a noble person.”
What if you were the little drummer boy?
Can you imagine his embarrassment?
And how that feeling might turn into a broken heart?
This was his one opportunity to honor the newborn king.
And he blew it.
What would you do?

From this low, low, low point, the little drummer boy acted.

First, he communicated with the baby king. He found common ground.
After all, this little baby was born in a manger.
He must be poor. Like the little drummer boy.

Second, he spoke with humility.
He acknowledged he didn’t have a gift fit for a king.
But he didn’t let that stop him. He asked, “Shall I play for you?”
The baby’s mother nodded.

Third, the little drummer boy played his drum.
Not only did he play, he played his best.
He was so good, the animals in the stable danced to the beat.
And then it happened! The little king smiled at the little drummer boy.
Ah, the joy. The sense of fulfillment. The satisfaction. The elation!

What a great story!

Let’s pull out the Professor’s whiteboard for: 3 lessons from the little drummer boy.

Whiteboard 1085-3 lessons from the little drummer boy

Here are the three lessons from The Little Drummer Boy

1) If you think you don’t have a gift, think again

Everyone has a gift.

Sometimes humility may get in the way of recognizing the things we are good at. Or because it comes natural to us, and because we love to serve others, we don’t see it as a gift.
So, if you think you don’t have a gift, think again. And if you still aren’t sure, talk to those closest to you. Ask them what they think you are especially talented at.

2) If you think your gift isn’t fit to share, think again

Don’t compare your gifts to others or minimize what you do. Your work is essential. From the CEO’s office to the mail room – each and every one of us fills a role and a way only we can do it.

Remember the three wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh, but it was the little drummer boy playing his drums that made the baby king smile.

So when you find yourself looking at the gifts others have, take an inventory of your own, and you’ll find how valuable you are to others.

3) Once you’ve identified your gift, don’t keep it hidden

What if the little drummer boy realized he had the gift, but he didn’t share it? A hidden gift is worse than no gift at all! If there is no gift, there is no waste. If there’s a hidden gift, the power of that gift lies dormant until you shine a light on it.

When you share your gift with others, the value of it becomes apparent.

BIGG Takeaway

The little drummer boy serves as an example that we all have something significant to give. Share your light in this holiday season and beyond, It leads to BIGG success!

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George “The Professor” & Mary-Lynn
Co-Founders, BIGG Success

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